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Silver Jewelry : Ma'Sha'Allah Collections
Item: Ma' Sha' Allah Large Diwani Pendant
SKU: JSP-405
Price: $59.95

Ma' Sha' Allah Large Diwani sterling silver Pendant. The octagonal frame measures 42 millimeters in diameter. The geometrically aligned circular design reflects the apparently free cursive Diwani style that is actually highly organized form for maximal internal and external spatial efficiency. Allah implements His Will with ease and precision. We would do well to remember this phrase often. Note! Chain sold separately.
Sterling Silver Chains.
24" 20 box (add $17.95)
18" 30 box (add $19.95)
20" 30 box (add $21.95)
24" 30 box (add $23.95)
30" 30 box (add $26.95)
20" 40 box (add $29.95)
24" 40 box (add $33.95)
No Chain

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