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Fragrance Plus : Agharbatti Incense

Are you sure that incense you are inhaling is healthy and halal?**.


Our premium quality, authentic Agharbatti hand rolled incense is always made with a charcoal base, natural balsam resins, aromatic spices and fragrant herbs. Charcoal burns slowly, is odorless, smoke free, and actually purifies the air. Even the sticks are made of clean burning bamboo. The ancient, exclusive oriental process lets you experience the full aromatic essence of superior quality attars. Choose from Seven refreshing, aroma therapeutic and delicately blended fragrances: Abyssinia, Caribbean Cool, Dreams, Jamaican Night, Night Queen, Rain Forest Rose, and Sandalwood Supreme.


**Caution: Most stick incense punks are made of sawdust bound with, well… pig and animal dung. Sawdust makes excessive smoke, burns and smells like wood on fire. Synthetic oil compounds mixed with pig fecal wastes produce toxic fumes that can cause serious illness. They should not even be touched.


Contact us for wholesale information on this item.

Sandalwood Supreme Incense. 2 packs of 10 hand rolled sticks.

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