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Fragrance Plus : Roll-on Attar Oils

Attar is a Persian (Iraqi) word meaning "fragrance, essence, or scent". Genuine Attar oils are made by traditional methods, first produced by the great Persian physician Hakim Avicenna. These are true attar fragrance oils manufactured according East Indian and Persian methods of deg steam distillation or by cold rolling natural plants for extracts.

These high quality oils contain no alcohol or synthetic additives which light up a room, destroy any aroma therapeutic value, and dissipate quickly. These attar fragrances linger within a few feet of your body creating an air of intrigue. They blend with the natural oils in your skin to create your own unique scent and last for hours or until you wash it off.

Safe, reliable, high quality 3-mL = 1/10 oz, boxed bottles with dipstick and roll-on applicator in every box. Free display stand included with selected wholesale packs.

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